S 4 A W

What is Stop For A While?

A solution...

S4AW is a collection of ideas, solutions, and reflections about problems that everyone, sooner or later, needs to face, all sharing a practical, scientific-based and up-to-date approach.
Whatever you do in your life, there are soft skills that have an impact anyway. They are not the title before your name, they are the qualifying adjective before the title.

...a way to know yourself...

You can't solve a problem if you're not aware to have it first.
S4AW is the biggest collection of poorly known psychological conditions and principles, that may be affecting yourself without you know it.

Of course, it's not your case. Unless you find out.

...for what it's worth, a dream...

I could have lived someone else's life, and it would have been pretty fine.
I didn't.

I chose to live my own life,no matter the risk.
I chose the hardest way.

If I lose, I lose everything.
But if I win, I don't owe anything to anyone.

What is happening? I hope we'll find out together

...and, last but not least, a community!

If you want to find out more about something, suggesting new topics or simply let me know what you think about S4AW, you can e-mail me and I'll reply asap!

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