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PSY-COLUMN, standing for psychology column, is a collection of definitions, mostly little known, that have to deal with psychology. 

Why a collection of definitions?

When I was a child, I couldn’t understand why some activities, considered fabulous by all other children, looked so boring to me. I was easily distracted, and found it hard to keep focused on something for a long time.
Years later, when I was diagnosed with a high IQ, not only did I find the answer for that, but also for other problems related to that condition which have nothing to do with attention.
This new awareness changed the interpretation I had given to all my life events: before I used to be a shy, impatient, and hard-to-deal-with boy, now I had just become someone with a gift – not so easy to be captured at first glimpse by others, but still a gift –
By doing more research, I realized that there were plenty of other people with the same issue: for the first time, I felt like I was not the only one!

Some people spend all their lifetime living someone else’s life, not because they do not dare to change, but because they don’t know themselves well enough. 

The insight that will change your life, could be on this list

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