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Hi, I'm Tommaso


I said I never want to find out who I am, and it's time to tell you why

To find out who you are is a compromise.

On one hand, it makes you more self-confident, helping you distinguish what works for you from what is best to avoid.

But, on the other one, if you know what life has set aside for you, you will mute your emotions: both the negatives (which is not so bad) but also the good ones. 

If you feel like you had already known everything you need to know, all the unexpected events will feel like stumbles, instead of opportunities.
If you cut out the stinging touch of uncertainty, happiness will fall apart in turn.

This is why, I hope I’ll never find out who I am. Nevertheless, I am perfectly capable of saying who I have been.

My Story

I define myself a human being enthusiast.
My background is divisive: according to one’s opinion, some might call it schizophrenic, others eclectic.
What’s for sure is that it’s something unique
My curiosity about the most fascinating and mysterious thing that has ever existed, the human species, has led me to try to understand it from both theoretical and practical perspectives.
The theory led me to pursue a major in Neurobiology, study neuroscience in Italian and Dutch laboratories, read hundreds between books, publications, papers and reviews.
The practice, to become a coach and corporate trainer in the field of sales, where one of the most challenging skills is practiced: convincing others.
 I’ve been a salesperson myself, then I switched to marketing, and it was love at first sight.
Once in marketing, in fact, I realized that, thanks to digital, I could reach a lot of people, not just one at a time, and that’s what I aim for with stopforawhile: to change the lives of as many people as possible for the better.
If you have come this far, I invite you to read my articles. You could tell me what you think, contributing to add value to the dream this blog is.

THANK YOU and happy reading!



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